Illinois Forage and Grassland Council (IFGC)


Why become a member of IFGC? 

  • AFGC and IFGC members are representatives of Producers, Industry, Education, and Government
  • Provides a voice for forage-based agriculture
  • Provides leadership to the forage industry and the state's agriculture
  • Improves the economic and social well-being of the state's citizens through the promotion and expansion of forages in support of animal agriculture
  • Promotes more efficient land use and protestion of natural resources
  • Helps producers increase efficiency of agriculture production and increase farm profits
  • Assists in and promotes research in forage production, utilization and marketing
  • Interactions with all forage consuming livestock organizations
  • Educates producers, services providers and consumers
  • Conducts research tours and extension programs
  • Encourages outstanding achievements in the forage industry through recognition and awards programs
  • Disseminates information through conferences, newsletters and other publications
  • Cooperates with other state and national organizations to promote the forage industry


Become a member now!

IFGC Memberships & Fees

New Process for Memberships

IFGC memberships are now processed by American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC).  When you become a member of IFGC you automatically become a member of AFGC.  You can pay your dues online.  Go to and select Illinois from the drop down menu under Affiliate.  Follow the membership infomration to continue.  Your user name is your email address.  If you don't have a password please select Reset Password and you'll receive instructions on how to set your password.  If your email has changed or you have not provided your email, please contact to set a new username.  Or contact Tina Bowling at 1-800-944-2342.

To pay by mail complete the form found below and mail your membership along with your payment to the address below. 

Click HERE to view and print the membership application. 

Print the application and mail with your membership fee to:   American Forage & Grassland Council, PO Box 867, Berea, KY 40403

Individual Members:  $ 30.00

Corporate Members:  $ 200.00

Northwest Council Members will continue to be processed by the NW IFGC Council. 

All members receive our quarterly newsletter and individual members attending any IFGC event are eligible to receive a Grazing Stick or an Alfalfa PEAQ Stick free. *Corporate membership includes complimentary standard exhibit space at two IFGC sponsored events per year and are recognized in our quarterly newsletter, Forage Feed. 


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